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See how EventStoreDB can be used in different industries by reading our case uses below. Ready to start building a PoC? You can download and use it for free by following the link below.

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EventStoreDB has a huge range of use cases and is already being used by organizations across multiple different industries. Take a look at some of the reasons why our customers choose EventStoreDB to build their systems using Event Sourcing.


Companies in the finance industry including consumer banks, financial trading, and insurance, are heavily regulated - when it comes to data storage and audit capability, all financial organizations need robust solutions that provide immutable audit logs to ensure compliance. They also need to instill trust in their customers through transparency in their system processes.

By building their systems using EventStoreDB, our customers in the finance industry have been able to realize the benefits Event Sourcing provides by storing critical data in streams of immutable events, including increased audit compliance through the capability to rebuild systems as they were at a point in time, and guaranteed writes which ensure all writes are committed to disk.


Main problems faced

  • Heavily regulated
  • Require transparency
  • Audit requirements

Why EventStoreDB?

  • Immutable audit log
  • Rebuild a system as it was at a point in time
  • Single source of truth

“Event Store’s ES provided the performance, semantics, and multiple event transactional capabilities that we needed”

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