Download EventStoreDB

Download the latest EventStoreDB binaries for your chosen platform or find links to the package managers you can install from. Scroll down for client SDKs and previous versions.

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    Stable releases

  • EventStoreDB 20.6.0 Released: 09 Jun 2020Read 20.6.0 release notes

  • EventStoreDB 5.0.8 (LTS) Released: 27 Mar 2020Read 5.0.8 release notes

If you’d like to browse the source code or contribute to EventStoreDB, check out the GitHub repository.

Package managers
Packages are available via packagecloud and Chocolatey, and we also publish Docker containers. See the release notes for the version you want to install for further info.

Previous releases
You can find all previous releases of EventStoreDB in the releases section of our Github repository.

Nightly builds
If you would like to follow the development of EventStoreDB, you can download our nightly builds. They aren't supported but allow early previews of new features and some visibility of what is expected in the next official release.